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Two phonelines ... fun! - brad's life — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Brad Fitzpatrick

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Two phonelines ... fun! [Jun. 9th, 2002|01:01 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Remember how I was saying the other day that all phone calls around here are for my 13-year-old brother?

What's worse is that we have two phone lines. We got the second way back in modem days and just never got rid of it, so that's "his" number.

So I hear the second line ring a dozen times until his answering machine picks up, then his friends hang up and call the main line, thinking maybe he's in some remote part of the house that can't hear only half the number of phones ringing as the main line.

Which means I can answer the main line immediately with "Cole's in Seattle this weekend watching some baseball... can I take a message?"

Kinda throws them for a loop.

And shit... now I forgot that kid's name.

[User Picture]From: casey
2002-06-09 01:09 pm (UTC)


maybe you should write down the message before you post.

Aww, what am I saying, when a thought occurs to me, I post it before doing anything else...
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[User Picture]From: thekatinthehat
2002-06-09 01:44 pm (UTC)

Re: well...

Just pick some common name like Bob. I'm sure he has a friend named Bob.
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[User Picture]From: graceadieu
2002-06-09 04:10 pm (UTC)


Our house would have driven you NUTS during our pre-cable modem days. We had two computer lines, a main phone line and two phone lines for each of our two children. Added to that we had 4 cell phones! The ringing phones nearly drove Larry up the wall--all the walls, actually. Enter the miracle of digital cable and cable modem, and we are back to one phone line at our house (the kids are in college with apartments) and cable modems for our two computers. Whew!
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