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Brad Fitzpatrick

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The easy part. [Jun. 9th, 2002|10:49 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
For the past week I've been in research & design mode, making schemas, protocol docs, reading up on different protocols, learning new APIs, and just taxing my design in general for every possible scenario I could imagine, no matter how bizarre and unrealistic.

All that gets pretty stressful.... the amount of forward thinking required gets you second- and triple-guessing every little detail, and in a given day I was only completely sure of one or two new things by the time I went to bed. And once in bed, I couldn't sleep, continuing trying to break my design.

But I'm pretty damn happy with it now, and I started implementing it yesterday. Got a bunch done then, and today even more so.

Seeing it come together so quickly now is really exciting, both writing the internal APIs, seeing those work, and then seeing the entire thing in action. At one point today I typed for about two hours, ran it, and it just worked. So. Rad. I love programming.

Anyway, now I'm all hyped up after reaching a good milestone and want to go do something, but it's Sunday night and everybody has jobs and stuff tomorrow so they go to bed early. Pssssh. Lame. So I might just go to bed here myself.

I'm waiting for Evan and Sherm's finals to be over, so I can work with them more.

[User Picture]From: jredburn
2002-06-10 03:50 pm (UTC)
dude .. you rock. good luck with whatever it is you're working on. it's great to see you excited again.
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