Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Today was productive, at the expense of unmonitored email accumulation.

Tonight I'll sleep a lot, so maybe tomorrow can still be productive, with some inbox cleanin'.

Oh, earlier: gym was good. Ran 3.2 miles ... up from 2.5 last time, and 2 all the times before that. Running faster, too... 8.5 mph today. So still pathetic, but getting back up there. Better than the 17/18-year-old next to me that was walking at 2.5 mph. Doing sit-ups again too. Abs sore. Nick's all into lifting, and I suppose I should be too... after all, it'd be nice to be able to control a 15/16 lb bowling ball.

$1 bowling kinda sucked tonight. The lanes were greasy as hell and the ball return took about a minute per ball, with the ball always getting stuck spinning at the end. Got frustrated and quit. Wasn't in the mood.

Days until house: 4 (tick, tick, tick....)
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