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Brad Fitzpatrick

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More House Stuff [Jun. 19th, 2002|08:08 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Visa's fraud department called me today because I spent so much money at so many different stores.

Items purchased include:

Generic phone for bedroom
Cordless phone w/ answering machine
King-sized bed
Bedding & blanket (nice and fuzzy)
Futon mattress & cover
Bathroom towels, washclothes & rug

Whoa... that's it? Seemed like a ton more. Took forever, in any case. Oh, also looked at washers and driers, but none of them really turned me on too much. One set was nice, but double what I wanted to pay.

Tomorrow at 2 pm I go sign the closing papers.

I get the house Monday, if not earlier. Technically I'll own it tomorrow, I guess, but you give the current owners a few days to leave afterwards. They said they'd be moved out by the 21st (Friday), but wanted a few days extra to clean (!!) so whatever... I'll let them clean. :-)

[User Picture]From: graceadieu
2002-06-19 08:22 pm (UTC)

my feeling is...

that trying to save money on applicances is a false economy. You end up spending the money you saved--and more--in repairs and replacement costs. We bought a new Maytag washer and dryer 18 years ago when we moved into this house and they have done YEOMAN service, no repairs. Gradually, as the other appliances that came (new and most top of the line of other makes) with the brand new house broke and died, we replaced them with all Maytag, and have never regretted it. Just my opinion...thought I'd share it. :)
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