Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


only 3.5 hours longer than i thought.

oh, and we didn't even finish. we had to stop and roll back, since so many things went wrong.

yup, but we learned some shit.

and fuck you AT&T Cable for going out in the middle. another reason i'm getting DSL and not cable. (fuck, maybe i'll get 'em both for reliability... one's gotta be up.. and i want my "free" cable TV) problem is, AT&T does all their maintenance when I'm doing LJ maintenance, so I'm always getting screwed. i had to resort to my laptop's modem in the middle there.

anyway, get to repeat this all 3 more times.... the next 3 should go smoother. i love my job.

time to sleep. signing papers in a couple hours.

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