Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


(23:58:43) Brad: everytime i type "ssh lj@mayor" I think of that rap song with all that 'eazy for sheezy, you can find me up in one tweezy.... they even call me the mayor' (23:58:55) UWSherm: hahahahahah (23:58:58) UWSherm: never occured to me (23:59:00) UWSherm: but NOW it will (23:59:00) UWSherm: thanks (23:59:04) Brad: no prob
Met Nick at the gym, after going to Sears. Lifted, ran, swam. We drove back directly from there, through the country. I love driving in the country... fast as hell, taking corners about double the posted [recommended] speed. My car's center of gravity is lower than Nick's ... he had a hard time keepin' up.

At my house I put out the trash, we ate our Carl's Jr., had a beer, and listened to some music.

Back now, workin'.


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