Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Linux Thermostat

I can't sleep... I've been thinking of making my own thermostat. The one in this house is el cheapo: a couple wires & a vacuum tube with some mercury. (I opened it up)

In particular, it lacks functionality to turn itself off at night, to set turn on/off temperatures, etc.

Plus, I wanted one that would accomodate my laziness and back off (let house get warmer or colder) a bit when I'm not around. And then I thought: a good heuristic if I'm around is if I'm using my computer.

And the interface to the heat/AC system is trivial: a couple wires you cross and it goes.

So, I set out to start researching thermostats and found that somebody has already done this (of course) except they took it ten levels above where I'd go:

How absolutely hard-core is that?

Now I want to build my own more than ever. :) But *sigh* ... I have enough projects. Maybe I'll just cave and buy one at a store.

P.S. This is also rad.

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