Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Oh, the posts that warm my heart so.

Went grocery shopping again today, getting most the items I missed during round one. There was an exceptionally attractive girl there.... I wanted to walk up and say, "So, uh, shopping for groceries, eh?" just for the pure humor factor of it all, but I didn't need to... I just started laughing to myself at the thought. People around me must've thought I was weird. Whatever. :P

Went to look for a modem so I could return this one I stole from my parents' fax computer... one place didn't have external ones, another place is out of business(?) and the other place I can't find. No, please, I refuse to go to ComputerLand or ComputerDepot or whatever. I like the little stores.

Doing laundry with my new washer & dryer. Not really fun, but at least I'll have clean clothes.

A lot of my stuff's still packed. Slowly working on it all.

Have plenty of energy today, but I still feel tired because I'm all sore from working out yesterday. I think I lack something in my diet that makes my muscles heal. I bought multi-vitamins and calcium pills. Let's see if that makes up for my inability to feed myself.

Got a bunch of work done today... about time. The whole house thing put me behind a bit.

I need to meet more people in the area. I'll be lonely with Nicholas goes back to school. :P

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