Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I forgot a lot of my (admittedly limited) statistics knowledge. I'm going to have to catch up. The correlations stuff I did yesterday was interesting, but not too interesting... I don't think I did it exactly right.

Parents brought my computer chair and every remaining item of mine from their house over yesterday, so now I have tons more to unpack.

It rained a lot yesterday, and last night as well, it would seem. Yay--- don't have to water! :P

Rebuilding kernel & pcmcia-modules on my laptop. Had to enable USB Audio & bridging. (BTW, Debian's bridging support is awesome... Debian never fails to impress me.)

I'm running the heat today instead of the air conditioning. Cozy.

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy 20th Birthday, LiveJournal! 🐐🎂🎉

  • hi

    Posting from the iPhone app. Maybe I'm unblocked now.

  • Why, hello...

    Long time no see. How's my baby doing?

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