Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Once every couple weeks I have a day that seems to partition the last few days before it about twice as far away. Yesterday (night) was one such partition. Things that happened three days ago now seems like they were a week or two ago.

End result: kinda confused.

It didn't help that I woke up at noon. Nick woke me up. He'd even made a huge fancy breakfast, but he didn't wake me up early enough for that.

He was watching Apocalypse Now and I couldn't hear it in the master bedroom. Not that that'll matter often, but cool.

Worked for about 7.5 hours straight helping Nick with the stone path around his house. We even conned Dan into helping too. But, we finally finished today, so we'll have to think of new things to do on the weekend now.

Suspended my cellphone, since I can't find it. Not at the theater, and not in Dan's car. It was broken a dozen different ways, anyway. And I need a new SIM card to get an Oregon number, since it's a "region change". So I guess it's good timing to get a new phone. I'm thinking Motorola P280 for $153, with SIM card.

Kinda tired now (damn manual labor) so I'm going to unpack more boxes and go to bed early. Not drinking any caffeine, either.

Most exciting post ever!

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