Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Icecast+XMMS latency

I now have an Icecast server on my main computer, and XMMS on there with the Liveice plugin, feeding it a 44 Khz 256 Kbps stereo stream.

Then, from the laptop in the living room, I play the stream over wireless, turn off HTTP streaming buffering and OSS buffering, and the latency is now under a quarter second.

Still... that kinda sucks. For two reasons:

1) The latency is enough to be annoying at certain points in the house. But I guess it works if I turn off the speakers in my computer room and just use it for remote control. (might serve as a substitute for the TV Evas interface? No! Must finish interface in time for Evan's arrival! :P)

2) It's re-encoding everything. This is probably the biggest cause for the latency, and it kills the quality. I just want to multiplex /dev/dsp over the network.

In any case, a fun diversion.

Back to a productive project.

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