Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

DSL ... almost

Came back from the beach early. It was relaxing, though. Went boogey boarding, read, watched a bunch of TV... ate dinner in town (so good).

I got my own beach house key now, since I'm 15 minutes closer to the beach than my parents... if I wanted to go before, it would've been 30 minutes to and from my parent's house to get the key, then an hour to the beach.

Came home and found a DSL modem on my front door step, along with more DSL filters. Tried to connect to the internet with my modem and it wouldn't work.... weird high pitched noises. Whoa... DSL live already? Add all my line filters, plug in DSL modem... all the lines go on. It seems to be working. Called the ISP and got my IP address and gateway... they said it may not be fully setup yet.

And indeed, it isn't.... guess I have to wait another two days until Verizon finishes their shit.

I wrote a script when I waiting for Qwest to install our DSL a couple years ago at 5251: it used Net::Ping to check the gateway every 5 minutes, and start playing music really loud when it was live. I should do that again. Well, no... I'll make it text message me instead.

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