Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Who's cool? I'm cool. (with air conditioning, that is!)

Went to pick up my CD Burner which I loaned Dina about, oh... a year ago. Shows how often I burn CDs, eh? (well, I also have the burner on my TiBook, but OS X can blow me.)

She said she's spending the night at my house tonight (if it's okay with me) because it's unbearably hot in her apartment.

And the guy at the gas station commented on how much I must be dying in the heat, with leather. I replied that I have air conditioning, so it's not too bad. "Yeah, but when you come out to your car after it's been baking in the sun?" I replied that I have a garage, so it doesn't get hot.

Ahhh yea'. Yay for garage & AC & automatic ice maker in the fridge. (oh, that last one doesn't have anything to do with that post, but I love ice.)

Time to burn some CDs. I refuse to say what. Sherm, shut-up.

BTW, Justin ... I drove on that road you recommended. Not bad at all. Kinda gentle, though. Next time you're around these parts, I'll show you some even cooler roads. ;-)
Tags: blow me

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