Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I realized not so long ago something that might've already been obvious to a lot of people.

Productivity_aka_Success = Talent * Motivation

I find my talent only slightly above average, compared to so many incredibly bright people whom I respect. But some of those people I respect so don't have much motivation at all. Thus, they're not too successful.

My motivation varies greatly ... I find it oscillating (inversely with my stress) between below (or around) average and totally awesome.

When I get stressed and my productivity plummets, it's kinda annoying/depressing. I hate losing speed.

So there's another whole class of people I respect solely for their ability to stay consistently motivated, regardless of any raw talent.

I think what I need for continued (stable) productivity is a partner or team that has enough motivation/direction to keep my wavering ass going.

Not that today is too bad.... I just finally got around to writing this, even though I've been meaning to for a week or so.

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