Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


(13:04:09) whitaker: my friends made me take a shot of everclear last night...
(13:04:25) Whitaker: completely fucked me. you ever had that shit? iz nots ta be fucked with.
(13:04:50) Whitaker: like, all i had was that one shot... heh.
(13:06:58) Brad: oh, that sucks
(13:07:03) Brad: i've had that shit
(13:07:41) Whitaker: like, i was trying to do my calc lab and they kept bugging me, so i took it... instant drunk.
(13:07:59) Brad: hahah
(13:08:02) Brad: yay for college
(13:08:02) Brad: :P
(13:08:05) Whitaker: yeah.
(13:08:11) Whitaker: and 22% on calc test!
(13:08:14) Whitaker: jesus
(13:08:22) Whitaker: i thought i did well.

(AIM conversations ... the best substitute for a meaningful post.)

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