Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

verdammt... nie kann ich schlafen

Remember my brilliant plan of sleeping yesterday really early? Yeah, well, I did. And then I slept until past noon anyway. So.... too much sleep = I'm still awake now. Bleh. I should set an alarm next time I attempt that.

Two different morons attempted to race me today coming home from the gym. I so smoked their asses it wasn't even funny. Repeat after me: STUPID STICKERS DO NOT A FAST CAR MAKE!

I'm getting in need of a haircut. This girl that works at my DSL provider managing the router and stuff is also attending beautician school for hair.... I wonder if she needs victims. Better than me doing it. Maybe I'll call her tomorrow after 6 and ask for my reverse DNS changed and a haircut.

Umm.... I wish I had a hot tub right now. Too bad they're expensive. Maybe PicPix will make enough money by winter so I can buy one. That'd rule. I don't want a hot tub in summer, anyway.

I worked on FotoBilder for a few hours tonight .... love being in the middle of big projects coming together. You work on infrastructure (DB schema/APIs) for so long and then boom... suddenly everything starts to tick, and the pace only accelerates. I'm in my own virtual race now with Evan .... I gotta finish my management stuff before he finishes the Windows client. Not that it matters, but once the Windows client is ready, a ton of testers will be handy.

I made a cheese omelet[t]e today. It was good.

The End.
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