Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

S2, Java, C#, FotoBilder...

I'm working on the S2 support in FotoBilder and I'm reminded how badly the state of Free Software Java sucks (which the S2 compiler is written in), so I had the fun idea of porting it to C# and using Mono. I'm incredibly impressed with the Mono Debian packages ... very well done: binfmts are registered to automatically invoke /usr/bin/cli ... /usr/bin/cli is an alternative to /usr/bin/mono ... very, very Debian.

And this'll give me a chance to learn the few extensions that C# adds to Java. I hear porting an app from Java to C# can be done with global search and replace... i.e., a Perl one liner.

Anway, off runing now. The S2 integration is getting fun. I imagine I won't sleep much tonight given last night's sysadmin crap, so that'll give me something neat to work on. (though I'll probably delay porting it to C# until I get it running as-is ... the only advantage of having the compiler in C# is that it's easier to redistribute...)
Tags: perl, tech
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