Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Day in Review

* Moved some of FotoBilder's login system over to LiveJournal. (still in CVS)

* Passed on $1 beer night at the ballpark.

* Imaged little brother's failing harddrive to new, larger one with dd(1). My dad and I timed 15 second runs of dd with different block sizes to find the ideal copy speed.

* Worked on FotoBilder's style editor and S2's error messages.


Now it's almost 11:30 pm. Exciting day. *rolls eyes*

Going to Seattle tomorrow with Nick, I think We haven't really worked out details. Guess I'm picking him up from work. Plans: Trowelhouse party & Mariners game. He's got a costume idea for the Trowel party, but doesn't actually have it yet... I don't even have an idea. Better come up with something, though... I don't want to pay the $1,000 no costume fee.

Done with computers for today ... think I'll go on a bike ride in the dark. Maybe go return the movie I rented last night.
Tags: bike

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