Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Seattle summary/highlights

Went to Seattle with nick Friday night and just got back now. Quick summary & highlights:

-- saw evan and ddelapp's new place. pretty cool. everywhere you look there are half-broken computers, monitors, and other miscellaneous parts.

-- went to the Trowelhouse party. I went as a rich 1970s jetsetter who waited in the airport's red carpet club for an hour for his flight, flew to Brazil, and there found a 'Dear John' letter from his girlfriend, got depressed, and proceeded to drink his life away. (So basically I wore my rad outfit from a couple parties ago, buttoned it wrong, untucked parts, rubbed dirt all over my t-shirt, and carried around an empty vodka bottle...)

-- texel made a rad Trowel logo for hellarad's cheer-leader outfit.

-- ellenlouise decorated the upstairs bathroom with wall-to-wall hard-core porn, with a sign on the door saying "PLZ DONT MASTURBATE THNX"

-- Nick took too many shots from the shot fairies. Nick went to sleep in my car. Woke up. Opened the door, set off car alarm, and proceeded to puke for awhile. No solids, though! :P

-- Party was overall quite cool ... got to see erik, mobley, marcuso, ninjersnack, and blythe again.

-- There were a number of cute chicks there I hadn't seen before. Unrelated, I went around taping exes on people's nipples. Plan worked: did a bunch of friends and guys, and then the girls I didn't know started asking, "What's with all the taped nipples? Where can I get my nipples taped?" And there I was with the roll of tape! Goddamn I'm clever when I'm drunk.

-- I need to find Jamaica girl back ... she has my tie.

-- Slept at Evan & Devon's place. Nick liked it more than the car.

-- Woke up with a headache.

-- Got breakfast at the 14 Carrot Cafe ... took about an hour to get the food. But it was ooooh so damn good by the time it came.

-- Went to the Mariner's game against Cleveland... 12 to 4 or something. They kinda sucked. ;) bostonsteamer, Ellen, Amber, and some other dude whose name I know forget were there.

-- Drove back.

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