Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I tried to go back to bed, but was awoken by two telemarketers, back to back.

The first wanted to know my grocery shopping habits, and was apalled to find that I had no clue how much money I spent on groceries per week. *shrug* I should've told her those chicken, rice & bean burritos are good and only take 1:40 in the microwave.

The second was calling from Dornbecher's children hospital, wanting money via magazine subscriptions. I laughed to myself thinking, "Yes, you guys are a beaker of thorns.... I'm trying to sleep!" (german name) before I politely hung up and tried to go back to bed.

But I got up, made some coffee, vacuumed my house, kinda cleaned my bathroom. Researched maid service on the web ... doesn't cost too much. I'll have to decide on one and have 'em come out once a month or something.

Now I've decided I'll just clean my inbox, because it's a no-thinking day.
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