Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

that's it.

Tomorrow I order cable TV. Sick of craving it. But none of that over-compressed digital crap full of MPEG artifacts... it looks terrible and you can't change channels quickly. No thanks. I'll just use some quality cables and things will be fine, even without HBO West #9 and Discovery Channel Frogs #42.

I tried to sleep at 9:30, but my cough returned. It had stayed away all day (I didn't even cough up a ball of greenish-gray phlegm this morning!) but it just had to return to keep me from sleeping. Fuck you, sickness.

One of these days I'll be at full power again.

Okay, back to Digital TV: the other reason I hate it is that there are advertisments in the channel selection menus. Because it's not like you didn't already pay for the service or anything, ya know?

I hate it when companies treat their users like idiots and play off buzzwords like "Digital". Digital clarity! The power of digital! The only reason they're using digital is to make more money. They obviously don't care about quality or they'd reduce the compression.

I know I've ranted about that all before, but it's appropriate to reiterate. Maybe if I keep spreading the word, people will tell their friends and we can have a huge anti-digital uprising. That'd be cool.

My bagel was cool, too. Mmm.
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