Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Never tired, never awake.

Went to bed at 5am or so last night... woke up at 1pm or so, slept again at 7, woke up at 9:30 ... watched a movie... now what?

Miss garbage & yard debris day, again. Not like it matters, though... I never fill it more than 25%. It can wait until next week.

Bought a bunch of previously viewed DVDs at Blockbuster... pretty cheap. Even if one or two are scratched, it'll be a good deal. Only ever had one bad DVD rental, and it was only for a few seconds, but that's enough to ruin it. Still, I'm sure I could take it to one of those used CD stores and have them run it their buffer machine that fixes the surfaces. I guess almost all CD/DVD defects are in the plastic coating layer, and don't actually damage the metallic surface with the data, so they're fixable.

Looked into cable TV & DirecTV & Tivo ... Cable TV and DirecTV are both about $35/month... screw that. I don't watch enough TV to justify such an expense. But, I do want a Tivo... those look rad.

Sidenote: DirecTV's promo loop at Best Buy said "Experience Digital TV at it's finest." Now you really don't get my money, as any doubt that you're all just corporate whores soaking the consumers for profit is confirmed by the fact that you don't even pay somebody to review your fucking English.

Anyway, I'm looking at all the cable/DirecTV channels and realize I only want the major broadcast channels, including WB for Buffy. So, the new plan is to buy a Tivo and buy a big antenna to put up in the attic. Also, a new TV, since mine is small and shitty with no inputs save a coax in, and an HDTV tuner. That's right, yo, HDTV! I checked, and a number of local stations do broadcast HDTV, and while not all programming is high-definition, the stuff that isn't is up-converted. Here's to hoping that HDTV isn't overly compressed, but from what I've seen in stores showing local channels, it looks good.

In summary, for those that prefer itemized lists over blocks of text:
  • Antenna in my attic, so I don't have to pay AT&T or DirecTV excessive monthly fees for programming I don't need.
  • Tivo, since they're cool and deserve my money, and since my sleep schedule is too fucked to ever catch the shows I'd actually watch.
  • New TV, as mine sucks.
  • HDTV Tuner, just to have an even more bad-ass signal.
And I'll probably buy them in that order.

Total monthly fee: $12.95. Eat it, yo. Or, I could just pay the Tivo service off and go $0.00/month. Feels good to have a plan.

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