Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

What is this world coming to?

I'm waiting on hold for Beaverton Honda's service center and their hold music is Labamba, but with lyrics like:

"You could be driving a Honda...
Beaaa, ver, ton Honda!
You... love... your Honda!
You could be driving a Honda....
Beeea, ver, ton, Honda!"

My god. Shoot. Me. Now.

I bought the extended warranty for my car way back when, and I believe it's still covered, but they can't look it up on their computers, of course.... I need to bring in some piece of paper that says I have it. Stupid. Now to find it.

As for the car problem: when it should be coasting, it decelerates for a second or two randomly sometimes, often right after letting off the gas. (yes, obviously the car is decelerating while coasting... but I mean sharply, quicker than normal). Nick noticed it a couple weeks ago coming back from Seattle, but I couldn't feel it until this last week, and it's still pretty subtle most the time.

Any ideas what the problem is? Oil and transmission fluid are fine. Clogged fuel injector? (I totally have no clue. :P)

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