Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

iBox ITX-VIA Slim Box

I want: iBox ITX-VIA Slim Box. $197. No fan. Integrated Ethernet, S-Video and TV out. Comes in black. Can run Debian.

I think I just found my replacement mp3 device for the living room. (the Dell laptop is just way too loud & hot) With USB ports, I can plug it into my existing Stereo Link 1200.

Although, I just bought Mr. Tivo, so I'll delay this purchase for awhile.

Tomorrow I plan to drop Ethernet down from the attic to my Tivo. I got an extra switch around here, so if/when I do get the iBox above, I won't have to use wireless. (iBox doesn't have PCMCIA slots, after all.)

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