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Slept a bunch & woke up with energy ... imagine that.

Made a bunch of fotobilder progress this morning, but then got to a point where I need to wait for mart in the UK to wake up and approve an idea before I spend a couple hours implementing it to find out he hates it. He should like it, though. I mean, the most that he likes anything: "Well, it sucks, and the cleaner solution would be yadda yadda yadda which is impossible and would take years, but it'll do." That's why I like Mart. :)

Now I still have energy, so I'm thinking of applying it towards non-computer stuff:

-- Pick up the house
-- Make my house wiring wishlist; get quotes/see what I can do alone
-- Research TVs
-- Check out progress on the park at the end of the street
-- Go on a bike ride

As for TVs: my existing TV is 20" and has 1 Coax input... that's all. Good bedroom TV. I ordered cable TV yesterday. Not Digital. So it'll work well with multiple TVs, and I don't need any more boxes stacking up high and drawing power. Already, all the boxes I have in my living room are taller than my TV.

As for house wiring, I'd like:

-- ceiling light/fan power over my dining room nook thing. the previous owners were against overhead lighting, so didn't put any in that room. I like overhead lighting, though, and as I don't have a lamp in there, I never use that room to eat. (well, also because I don't cook.)

-- power in the closet that I don't use. might be nice to make that a server closet: it's far away from bedrooms, so it wouldn't bug me or guests if I kept machines on. the closet is near the nook that needs power, so maybe it'd be easy to do them both while they're up there? there's also power outside the closet, if i need to run an ugly extension cord.

-- ethernet in the closet. dropped from the attic? i might be able to do that. maybe best to come up from crawl space. but I don't have the 90 degree drill bit you'd need to drill down into the crawl space from above.

-- ethernet by the TV, for Tivo & mp3 box.

-- so with multiple ethernet drops around the house, where do I put the switch? in the closet? the central ethernet area should be near both cable TV & phone, so future residents can choose either cable or DSL. if I move my loud desktop to the server closet and replace it with a no-fan X terminal, I'd want phone in that closet too, as my desktop is my NAT box. i often find myself waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to use my laptop with wireless net access, only to realize it wouldn't work, as I've turned off my noisy desktop. but future residents would probably have a Linksys or something. so if there's an ethernet drop in the study (where phone is) and in the living room (where cable is), a silent router can hide anywhere, and a silent switch in the closet.

-- cable TV on a different outside wall, closer to the TV. the free cable TV installation might actually cover that. we'll see.

I'm wondering if it'd be cheaper just to get the equipment to do this myself, rather than pay somebody. I just remembered muerte recommended somebody that does this awhile back.
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