Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


During my bike ride back from the Honda service center I hit four different A/V stores, looking at rear-projection HDTVs.

I made the mistake of also visiting Chelsea, an incredibly high-end local store, where I drooled over the Mitsubishi WS65908 Diamond Series. It's awesome, but it's also $4,000.

Problem is: now every other set pales in comparison.

(Sony had a cool one, too, but it was some different technology, very new, and thus priced way beyond reasonable up near $7,000. :P)

If I were to get one of these babies, I'd need a new progressive scan DVD player ... but those are only $100-$200 now. Shit, when I got my DVD player (with only 480i component out) it was $500.

Dream, dream, dream.

Back to work. My friend Dina was telling me a few months back: the primary reason she works a lot is just so she avoids spending money. So true.
Tags: bike

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