Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Iced Tea dilemna

Ran out of iced tea bags the other day, and drank through the two containers I'd already made in the fridge yesterday.

So today I woke up without my morning iced tea.... had to drink orange juice, but it just didn't cut it.

As a result: tired. (I slept tons!)

Wait... it's that whole "sleep or lack thereof affects you two days later" thing. Shit. Two nights ago I slept 3 hours.

Meeting some people from New York downtown at 3 pm... I don't know either of them, and they don't know me, but a common friend of ours told us to get together while they're in town and meet. So, we are. Common friend's in New York. Should be interesting.

*yawn* I hate being tired.

My USB ethernet device for my Tivo is "Aug 20, 2002 3:40 A.M. TUALATIN, OR, US .. OUT FOR DELIVERY" so that'll give me something to do later.

Why does Debian's DHCP server require subnet declarations for every subnet your ethernet devices are part of? If I don't declare any options for my external NIC, just don't do DHCP on it! Just a waste of a few lines in the conf file.

Righellis just called... reminded me I'm going to Vegas in just over a week. Nick's going to now, I guess. Rad.

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