Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Good day

Hung out with Dina all evening... went to Mt. Tabor, walked around, drove around, went back to her place, made dinner, watched a movie.

Learned a new word: apothecary.

It was in the movie we were watching and she clued me in. Then I got excited... Apotheke in German is drugstore. Look at its etymology! Some common words (mother, father, month names) are understandable to be so similar across languages, but it was weird seeing a concept of pharmacist so common and old. But then it made sense: people have always been sick, and in the past more so than nowadays. Anyway, it amused me.

Cable gets hooked up tomorrow.

Been getting a lot of work done, not being on AIM.
Tags: lang

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