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geek post [Sep. 5th, 2002|04:16 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
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ActiveState's PerlApp in their Perl Development Kit is really, really cool. As is Win32::GUI. I've known about both for awhile but never took the time to try them out, mostly because of my fear of Windows. But I did it, and it was painless. I think I'll shell out the $500 or so for ActiveState's ASPN Perl or whatever... they deserve every penny. Then, I write a FotoBilder client in Perl and a LiveJournal syncitems (backup) client in Perl. And people download them don't know shit about Perl and all is well.

My inbox and Tivo are overflowing from vacation's neglect. I think my Tivo's harddrive is getting louder. Or more likely, I'm so used to hearing zero harddrives in my office, that I can now detect the Tivo's. I'd put the Tivo in a cooled box and relay the IR signal, but once a show starts, the TV noise overrides the disk noise, so whatever. Just wish there were no moving parts.

Now that I run screen sessions on my closet server that never die with my desktop's nightly power down, my ssh-agent environment variable (SSH_AUTH_SOCK) is incorrect after I reattach my screen session on the server the next day. Solution: upon login from desktop to closet, write $SSH_AUTH_SOCK to a private file, then make a bash alias I can run within screen sessions to update my environment. Seems like there should be a better way, but that's what I got so far.

[User Picture]From: mart
2002-09-05 05:08 pm (UTC)

I was looking with interest at the Perl Dev Kit the other day. Looks like a nice piece of kit. I don't have a profitable project to justify the investment, however.

Instead of using Win32::GUI, you could use PerlNet (also part of the Dev Kit and thus ASPN Perl) to create a GUI with the Windows Forms classes and theoretically have it work on other .NET-like platforms in future.

PerlNet can also generate .NET IL binaries, so there's still no need for users to know about perl. They do, of course, need to know about .NET, but that will soon be reasonably ubiquitous among up-to-date Windows users.

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[User Picture]From: joggingguy
2002-09-05 06:33 pm (UTC)
The ActiveState products are pretty good. I've been programming using the ActiveState TCL for about 2 months and it works pretty well. Write it correctly and your code is 99% cross-platform compatible.
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