Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

mail server dead

My mailserver's down... filesystem errors on root partition... kernel remounted read-only. It's on RAID 5, so I'm hoping it's just the filesystem being dumb (I stressed it a ton yesterday) and not any real physical corruption.

Sherm's on his way to Seattle to fix it. He's an hour away... I'm 3.5 hours away. Good ol' Sherm.

Feels weird not having mail. But I almost kinda like it. One day I'll go crazy (sane?) like Knuth and require people to snail me if they wanna say something. How I envy him.

I really should have a backup MX host. Maybe my closet server. Then again, this is only the second time in 5+ years my mail server's been down, so the maintenance cost associated with running a second probably isn't worth the occasional gain.

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