Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Recall Notice

Hell yeah... I got a recall notice for my car's transmission (news story) so now the service place will know what's wrong with it.

Can't wait to have my car working again! (last time I took it in for service they weren't able to fix it... and it only cost me $100! grrrr.)

In other news, I've been sore from working out. I hadn't been taking my vitamins... maybe that's why. God knows my diet isn't healthy and balanced. Whatever vitamin that makes muscles heal I'm surely lacking. My mom taught me how to make meatloaf last night, though.

In more other news, been re-reading two of my college texts a bunch:

Contemporary Logic Design

Computer Organization & Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

Went to Wacky Willy's (local amazing surplus store) and Radio Shack for misc parts. Unfortunately, Radio Shack's turned to shit over the past decade, but there's another place in the area (NORVAC) that has everything.

Been reading up on different FPGA, EEPROM, and Microcontrollers I can burn from Linux. The AVR Microcontrollers have support from the GCC toolchain so that's pretty cool. Next I need to find some good circuit/logic simulators.

I'm getting excited about learning electronics. The more I think about it, the more fun little projects I envision. It'll also eventually give me a reason to learn the Linux kernel internals and write device drivers.

As for everybody suggesting I use X10 or Homeseer stuff: No. I'm not going to pay $60-$90 for big, clunky modules with crappy interfaces (Windows) The whole point of this latest obsession is to learn.

Off to my brother's soccer game now and pick up my recall notice from the other brother (guess I hadn't told Honda my new address...)
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