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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Grrr [Sep. 22nd, 2002|05:40 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
I have a 1999 Honda Accord with transmission problems.

A recall notice just went out for 2000-01 Accords with bad transmissions.

My brother tells me I got a recall notice in the mail. I get excited, thinking maybe the news article was wrong and the 1999 Accord has the same fucked up transmission.

The recall notice I got was for the ignition system. Supposedly it can just go out whenever, making the car stall. So I'll go get that fixed, but I really wish somebody would know what the hell's up with my transmission. I want it to shift right.

My brother's soccer team won. My brother got a yellow card for giving the ref shit. In this league, that's a $20 fine at the end of the season if the team as a whole accumulates $250 worth of fines. (And at this rate, they'll hit it.) Go, Cole!

[User Picture]From: dpb
2002-09-23 09:31 am (UTC)

Re: Soccer

That doesn't sound like much fun!

I guess the question should be, are they winning their games?
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[User Picture]From: sandy
2002-09-23 10:19 am (UTC)

Re: Soccer

2 wins, 1 tie & 1 loss, in a league that we thought was way too good. This is his first year at classic level, and they placed in a higher level than we wanted.

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