Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Video Capture

I want to buy a video capture card, but I can't decide what I want. The contenders:

Linux Media Labs: LML33
Linux support + hardware compression = can put in my Mini-ITX system.
Bt chipset = good quality.

Linux Media Labs: LML33R10
Linux support + hardware compression = can put in my Mini-ITX system.
$200 = more affordable.
Phillips chipset = worse quality.
Lower MJPEG compression rate = too much bandwidth for network? Probably not.

Hauppauge: WinTV-PCI
Linux drivers
$100-$120 = really cheap
No hardware compression = Would require massive CPU to compress... if I put it in my Mini-ITX system I'm not sure I'd have enough bandwidth to send the uncompressed video to another machine (or rather, 4 machines) to compress and save.

Hauppauge: WinTV-PVR-250
Hardware MPEG-2 compression! (not just MJPEG)
Reasonable price. ($150-ish)
Windows only.

So I guess maybe the smart thing to do would be buy the cheapest thing available locally, make sure there's a good return policy, then work on it really hard right after I buy it, setting up the cluster compression. If I can't get it working well enough, return it, telling the salespeople it crashed Windows randomly every so often while I was using it.

Props to kvance for putting up with my stupid video capture questions.

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