Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Enty lives.

I can now search for and play MP3 files & playlists on my TV, using only a remote control.

Searching is done identically to cellphones (Nokia/Motorola style) so I don't have to learn the keys again..

2722 ... "2PAC"
7745 ... "SPIL" ... Built to Spill
3889 ... "ETTY" ... Tom Petty
2298 ... "BAXT" ... Baxter
3863 ... "DUNE"


Other keys let me go to previous song, next song, stop, start, pause/unpause, scroll the list, delete last number, clear all numbers, and select current song/playlist.

Resolution is 800x600, because that's the most the Mini-ITX system's built-in TV output can do to a TV. (Any more would be stupid.) You'll note the graphics and text aren't anti-aliased... it doesn't matter on a fuzzy NTSC signal. :)

Improvements needed:

-- sort list (duh)
-- remove leading "./" ...
-- remove file extensions
-- put playlist files above individual files, with different icon
-- automatically blank the screen after 'n' seconds, to prevent burn-in

Maybe one day:

-- visualizations?
-- current song & time display?

BUT IT WORKS! So all is well.
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