Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Metro power!

My car's back in the shop. I was like, "Bitches, you best be fixing this, and I ain't paying yo' dumb asses. I already done gone paying y'all once." And they be like, "Yessuh. Let's go test drive it."

And of course, the car behaved during the test drive, as it did on the way from my house to the shop. The temperature? But I described the problem once more and a smarter man than the one with whom I spoke earlier was intrigued, thinking it was a "runnability problem" between the engine and transmission or something, and not a tranny problem.

Yawn yawn yawn. But they're fixing it.

And I got a piece-of-shit rental car! Chevrolet Metro! No power steering, brakes, windows, locks, tiny tires, crappy stereo, can't accelerate worth shit... it's wonderful. But I'm more amused than anything. No power steering is just weird... you really need two hands to drive.

Speaking of two hands, I had lunch at Baja Fresh with Dina. They have a "Burrito Dos Manos" which I absolutely fear. I can't even eat the whole normal-sized burrito... what sort of person eats that muy grande one? My god.

So now I'm back here dealing with, trying to get them to fix the four broken servers they shipped us.

I need a personal assistant that's really mean to do my errands. Either some dude that can intimidate people and/or beat them up, or some annoying bitch. That'd be super. Where can I get me one of them?
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