Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Day in review

Tons of crazy dreams last night. I'm going to be making an effort to get on a good sleeping schedule so I can have crazy dreams every night.

This morning, full of energy, I biked to the gym, ran, and swam. I called it my triathlon, but Nick disagreed, citing specific mileages required for each component that I failed to meet by about an order of magnitude.

Got a lot of work done. FotoBilder beta testers are starting to report bugs & feature requests. This is where development speeds up again, after seeing what users care about the most.

Travel plans for California (this month) and New York (next month) are finalized. Props to my mother/travel agent. Because I'm lazy/easily frustrated and all.

Went to Portland Perl Mongers meeting, where Allison Randal talked about Perl 6 topics & topicalizers. Very cool shit. I anxiously await Perl 6. Of the 15-20 people in the room, I'd heard of at least 4 of them, and some people knew me. Cool.

And look, other plans:

Tomorrow: dentist appointment, then meeting up with creator.

Saturday: outdoor rave somewhere 30 miles from Portland with Adam, I guess. Jessicka will be in town, too. Looking forward to seeing her.

Monday: Wells Fargo appointment to setup merchant account and ditch iBill/PayPal.

Tuesday: talk at OGI about new features in Linux 2.5

Man, I should start using some calendaring app, what with all these plans and shit. At this rate, calendar.txt won't be able to keep up. Oh my!

Now, if only my plans involved more things with alcohol and/or cute, smart girls. (is this too much to ask for?!?!)
Tags: perl, tech
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