Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I've bitched at no fewer than 6 people today and been unpleasant to just as many.

Why? Nothing else to do.

And too tired to be productive, thus keeping my unpleasantness hidden from others while I ignore everything.


I was going to go into details, but instead I'll generalize and list my top reasons for being generally unpleasant...

Today's whining half-heartedly masked as introspection:

-- people aren't as smart as I'd like
-- people aren't as motivated as I'd like
-- one result of above: computers and the internet suck

-- I'm not as smart as I'd like
-- I'm not as motivated as I'd like
-- result: get depressed that I can't change the suck

-- some people pretend to be smart, but aren't
-- some people talk a lot, but don't actually do anything, aren't motivated, and aren't productive
-- result: their useless noise annoys me

-- I'm sitting here analyzing this
-- I'm sitting here alone

But rereading that, I should clarify that I'm neither unhappy nor depressed. I mainly get angry and disappointed when I get tired. Hence the aforementioned bitching people out for no reason.

I think this is where I go and clean up around the house, and perhaps work my way through the week-long pile-up of dishes. (Or more likely, program all night...)
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