Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Last few days

Received servers. Setup servers.
Drove to Seattle with Dina.
Delivered servers to Sherm; saw Justin.
Had dinner with Eli and Dina.
Went to Dante's ... Ian and Marcus joined up.
Went to some party.
Went to some other party.
Saw tons more people: Brendan, PATRICK!!!, Kelly, Faith, Joe, Amber.

It was nice seeing everyone.

I won't get into details about my escapades setting up the servers, but the overview is: as much as I hate some things, the end result is that I always walk away with the problem solved and more knowledge gained. And that's all that counts, I guess.

Dina was kinda a boring Seattle trip-mate. She's been tired the past three times we've gone on trips together, just wanting to sleep, watch TV, read and talk on the phone. But having the company made the car trip shorter. *shrug*

Now: finish setting up servers remotely and get some sleep.

Going to California this weekend.

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