Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I suppose it's time to post, having lapsed for 5 days. (Record? Pathetic.)

California [pics]

  • Hung out with nick a bunch. (well, the whole time) Went to his lacrosse practice. Hadn't played with lacrosse stuff since last summer ... still fun. When the rest of the team showed up and put on pads, I went running around the U of P campus. Watched a bit of some swim meet too, and I later read mattrope was there.
  • Met Frank (scsi) of DeadJournal, had pizza with him, and saw his servers. Cool guy. Very diverse: radio, computers, pharmacy. :-)
  • Bridge School Benefit Concert outside San Francisco:
    • We had to sneak in alcohol, since BYO was forbidden. (wanting to keep it out of the hands of minors was surely secondary to profit... they were selling beers for $6)
    • Saw:
      • Neil Young
      • Tenacious D
      • Thome Yorke (of Radiohead)
      • Ryan Adams, Leanne Rymes, others... (sp?)
      Good stuff.
  • Nick and I might be going to Germany and the Swiss Alps for Spring Break. Lufthansa has a good deal going on now for $420 or something. Incredibly cheap.

Not California
Been working.

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