Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Porting, winter, and crackheads.

From Sunday night until now, I've ported 6,950 lines of Java code to 6,424 lines of Perl. Fingers not so much sore as bored. Can't wait to type new things and actually think.

Winterized my house today... closed air flaps to the crawl space, removed hoses, and shut off water to / emptied outside faucets.

Also winterized myself... bought new winter clothes. Good stuff.

Guy on crack came to my door tonight, trying to sell some carpet cleaner or something. He was all jumping around and moving his hands a ton and talking too fast to understand. He went across the street after my house and the lady wouldn't open the door, so he started yelling his pitch through the window. Crazy.

But! I got my Popular Science subscription I ordered from another crack head (well, a little less so) a number of months back. I'd assumed I'd been swindled, but it arrived and all is good.

I'm out of food.

TV news:
Smallville was boring tonight. Next week's episode looks good.

No new Buffy tonight? Oh well.

Buffy season 3 is being played way too fast on UPN --- there are over 10 now I haven't got to watching yet. And I don't think I will. Guess I should bump down the recording quality on that Season Pass before Tivo runs out of disk space.

The Practice is good. I've been watching the re-runs and the new ones.
Tags: perl, tech

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