Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


i've been incredibly angry most the day, I'm not sure what started it, and it's just getting worse.

Maybe it was boredom. I had nothing to do and nothing I wanted to work on. Everybody I didn't want to hear from was bugging me and everybody I did want to talk with wasn't around. Or rather, there is nobody I want to talk with, but I wish there were. More frustration.

I decided I'd go walk around downtown and take some pictures. Maybe stop in at some sports bar and pay way too much to sit and drink alone, watching people I don't know on TV play some sport I don't understand, caring less and less with each beer.

It was a great plan. At least it was gonna get me out of the house, going somewhere more exciting than the Hillsboro 24-Hour Fitness where rarely a hottie is to be found. (in stark contrast to the Murrayhill location, consistently packed with eye candy)

My car, though earlier reported fixed, has just been getting steadily worse... the transmission is now totally fucked and it's annoying to drive. I need to get it into the shop yet again. Hopefully the clowns there will be able to isolate the problem finally and fix it, but I'm not expecting as such.

Half-way to Portland (I live so damn far away too) I realize my new camera's CompactFlash cage door isn't closing.

"THINGS OWN YOU! Never forget it.", says my broken printer, mockingly, in the only language it knows: its blinking orange "I refuse to do anything at all" light.

Too angry, I didn't go to Portland. I went to Best Buy instead (it wasn't far off my path) to compare my broken camera to a new one. As I was doing so the asshole service guy comes up with his asshole smile: "Yup, there's your problem. Did you buy our extended service plan?" I wanted to beat the living crap out of him.

Turns out a hook broke off it somewhere between moving it from the house to the car. But I can't find the hook... not in my house or car, both of which I scoured. There's a little rattle in the camera... I'm wondering if it broke off inside.

Now I have to get that fixed too. In addition to my car.

And I'm still out of food. Too angry to go grocery shopping. Too many aisles and too many choices.

I have all the time in the world to do whatever.... why can't I figure out something I want to be doing with that time? Grrr.

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