Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Trick or treat!

My parents and little brother Cole came over for Halloween. My mom wanted to see little kiddies trick-or-treating, since they get none at their house.

One of the first was the best... little girl hardly able to walk dressed up as a red Lego piece. She didn't talk. Her parents were on both sides of her, holding her arms and lifting her up the stairs on 3.... She just kinda stared back confused as I put candy in her bag and her parents said 'trick or treat'. Sooo cute.

I bought a light fixture for the dining room and a good thermostat. Parents installed them both. My mom lives for home improvement projects and my dad knows electrical stuff. Between them, they're unstoppable. My mom's been bugging me about buying both forever. Now that I have, I'm curious to see what she'll pester me about next.

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