Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

More weekend fun

marcuso [pics] called, in Portland for a couple days with his friends Sarah and Karen. We went bar hoppin'... first a McMenamins in Vancouver, had a beer, then to kidnap Dina (pics) (but she wasn't around, and Tabby was hungover (at night!)), then to 1201... had some gin & tonics, Karen (absolute cutey!) enjoying the silky pillows, then to Banana Joe's (bleh) to shoot some pool, ran into Lisa Makinson [pics] walking along the streets. Marcus hit on some chick who knew the owner of Dante's, where chicks were stripping on stage or something, but we got bored of waiting for her to talk to the owner, so we ditched her and went to .. fuck, can't remember the name. Something with a "C" that was nearby. Chandanigans. Carllarigans. Had cool music going and was packed... danced a bunch. We talked the doorgirl down from $5/ea to $3/ea ... accomplishment of the night.

wordswordswords. My ears are shot.

Back home now. We're all gonna hang out more tomorrow. Did I mention Karen is a cutey? Too bad she lives in Seattle. She's so weird... I love it.
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