Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Beach, and speeding ticket.

Went to the beach with Marcus, Sarah, and Karyn. Walked around town, walked along the beach, did gymnastics (Marcus and I, at least), took pictures, ate, played lots of pool.

Had a great time.

We took two cars. On the way back, they all headed up to Astoria to go back to Seattle. I drove back home alone along 26.

30 miles from the coast this person starts tailing me. I flipped the less-reflection switch on my rear-view mirror but was still annoyed because he was so close that his headlights were shining in my eyes through my side-view mirrors.

I waited for him to pass me for about 10-15 seconds and finally got annoyed and sped up to distance myself from his headlights.

And, sure enough....


He asked me how fast I was going, and I replied honestly that I never saw myself going above 70. It was dark, hilly, and twisty, and there was too much oncoming traffic to use my brights, so I wasn't driving fast. I certainly wasn't in any rush to get anywhere, either.

He said I was going 74, which I entirely disagree with. At first I thought he might've paced me at 74 when he was tailing me and I sped up, but the citation says "Radar" as the means he got my speed at. Which makes me know even more that it's bullshit: there's no way I was going 74 before he caught up to me. Right before the straight-away where he tailed me at, the road was all twisty and dark.... I was probably going 65 max.

So, I'll fight it... it'll give me something to do. Court date is Nov. 25th in Astoria. Worst case I lose and it's $109, which isn't too bad, considering my previous one (where I was actually guilty).

Despite the length of this post, I'm not angry or anything. Actually, given all the minor things that are frustrating me lately, this hardly makes the list. Just thought it was stupid.

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