Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

My day

I drove 120 miles today, picking up and dropping off tydel. Why do I live in Hillsboro, again? Why do I live as fucking far away from everything as possible?

So I was gonna go out with Tyler's housemates Kel and Alex this evening. I went downtown, parked, then got a call from Kel, saying they'd lost motivation and were staying home. So downtown already, with Smart Park paid for ticket already obtained, I bar hopped....

I'm definitely learning downtown Portland. I'm becoming increasingly confident in enumerating the streets in each neighborhood (names and their numbers), and knowing all the clubs/bars by cross-streets.

I tried to get ahold of some friends, but they're all lame. (in fairness, Jenna called me at some point, but I didn't hear/feel my phone ring). I spent a lot of time tonight at Level and Lush. I was hitting on this girl, Annie ... she was there alone, like me. She came and sat next to me. Black leather jacket. Drinking what appeared to be a gin 'n tonic (same as me). We were both out dancing later.... danced for a long time. When she finally left, I went to go buy her a drink, but she beat me to the bar (before I could get through the crowd) .... but luckily, some drunk guy fell over and landed on her drink which she'd set down. So I was all smooth and shit, asking her what she was drinking. "Gin and tonic", she replied. "Here, take mine... I'll go get another." Go me. Got mine, came back, we talked a bunch.

Turns out she's from Seattle. She's a lawyer. I was totally in love.

But at some point I was realized I was out of things to say, so instead of professing my drunken love to her (which might've even been somewhat true), I told her I'd see her around, and went back to dancing. About five minutes back on the dance floor it hit me: oh my god, this is exactly the sort of girl I've been looking for... somebody smart! Why'd I leave her like the socially awkward fuck I am? I was gonna go back, but some other dude was hitting on her. I went and stole a pen from the bar and wrote her a note with my number on a napkin, but never ended up giving it to her, because that dude kept hangin' around.


Why I gotta be so retarded, yo?

But I had fun nonetheless. Lots of dancin'.
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