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oh, hey. [Nov. 29th, 2002|12:28 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
[Tags|, ]

Spent Thanksgiving at my parent's house. Grandma's in town. Played Scrabble, Taboo, pool. Ate too much. [pics]

nick's in town. We hung out last night, going downtown, then came back here to watch Mulholland Drive. Love that movie.

Tomorrow's the 3rd or 4th (?) annual AHS alumni football game. I need to get some cleats from Goodwill or something beforehand. I'm always one of the unfortunate few without them, and I hate sliding around in the mud without control.

Hating [parts of] work lately. Hate servers. Hate hardware. Hate other people's code. At least when my code sucks, I don't feel angry ... I just fix it and feel I learned a lesson. When other people's code sucks, I don't know how to start fixing it, if I even know what part is bad.

Other aspects of work (programming) are incredibly fun right now. So I guess it all balances out. Kinda.

Got the local community college class catalog.... gotta decide what level German to take. I have to decide whether it's better to err on the side of too easy or too hard. The course descriptions aren't too helpful, either.

Running low on sleep.

[User Picture]From: bostonsteamer
2002-11-29 12:56 pm (UTC)

football advice

if you play wide receiver, don't let a big man cover you.
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