Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I hate you, Internet.

I was working, but then I had a question I needed answered... so I turn to the Internet for answers, of course.

I needed to know more about the numeral characters in different scripts.

I googled my way to yet another Unicode summary, where I became stuck for awhile, and went on to buy a book linked from there.

Kept reading, got down the the link to Unicode's allocation pipeline.

From there, reading about:

Shavian: (font)
The Phaistos Disk:

And from that document, onto the Klingon Language Institute (

I've always heard of dorks learning Klingon, but I never realized it was designed by a professional linguist, so I kept reading... found my way to the Postal Course lessons.

I skimmed a few lessons until I realized: goddamnit, I'm trying to work right now. And what am I doing reading about Klingon!?!?

I hate you, Internet.
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