Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Email, mostly.

Been too tired today to do much, so I've been cleaning my inbox. Dropped from 90 on Monday to 60 this morning, to 12 right now. (I feel like evan, talking about the size of my inbox)

Email highlight of the day: talking with old penpal rhys again. We've been writing since '94 or something, I'd guess... Long time.

Email lowlights of the day: not getting mail from a handful of people from whom I've been awaiting replies.

Certain people bug me so much that I resort to filtering all their mail as spam. But I want these people to know I'm actively shielding myself from them, and not just choosing to not reply. If you return some code from procmail, the MTA returns a bounce, right? I could just read the docs. I really hate procmail, though. I should learn Mail::Audit again, but there are so many things I don't like about it. In general, I'm really unhappy with mail systems, but I have enough projects.

I guess I'll sleep now. I wanted to at six, but it was too early then.

Despite being tired, there are a number of things I'm really excited about. I'm just lacking energy to act on them at the moment.
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