Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I was proud of myself the other day for getting my inbox down to 12. It's at 71 now.

This morning was stressful .... PayPal broke in two major ways. I was on the phone swearing at people all morning/afternoon. I hacked around it, but they're still broken. In good news, we got our merchant account kit, so we can ditch PayPal soon. (Sorry PayPal, you're about to lose a lot of money.....)

Went on a bike ride to deal with the stress. It's cold out.

My route took me by the gym, so I stopped in and talked to a drone about membership renewal. (I'd been dreading this... it's always so painful.) I had fun messing with the guy, wavering between the 1-club month-to-month "discount" membership (every other day) for $24/month and the 3-year All-Club Premium Membership ($899). He was so confused, but he just kept doing his spiel for both options. I left and continued my bike ride.

My Buffy Sex Chart has pretty much stopped growing. (I encourage somebody else to do the Angel version, but I'm not going to, since I don't watch that show.)

eli's coming over now. We're gonna get some food and watch some TV/movie/etc.
Tags: bike

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