Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Scam Victims

Subject: Warning: Account Expiration!

Dear Internet User,

This is Some Reputable Company. We seem to have lost all your records. Or, uh, we'll be expiring your account since you haven't used it recently enough.

Please email and provide us with the following info:

Social Security Number
Mailing Address
Credit Card Numbers

You have 7 days to do this, or your account will be permanently disabled.

Thank you,
Reputable Company Account Team
Why do so many people fall victim to this shit? Think, people, think!

I don't deal with it directly, but I heard a couple dozen LiveJournal users sent their PayPal information off to some third party. Now their credit card numbers are being used left and right by the scammers (on LJ), and we're having to deal with it all.

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